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Whilst at Lark Hall Infant and Nursery Academy, the children might undertake a variety of assessments and tests.

Reception Baseline Assessment

In reception, from 2020, all children will undertake a baseline assessment test. This is a new national assessment that will be administered in reception classes in all primary, infant and first schools in England.  The new reception baseline assessment will provide a snapshot of where pupils are when they arrive at school, enabling an accurate measurement of the progress children make by the end of year 6.

The reception baseline is a task-based assessment which uses physical materials that children can easily handle such as plastic shapes and picture sequencing cards. The wording of each task has been carefully designed to be child-friendly. The assessment is undertaken on a one-to-one basis with a person who is familiar to the child and that child’s needs.

Phonics Screening Check

Throughout their time at Lark Hall, children will begin to learn phonics (sounds). They learn to blend (join) the phonics sounds which helps them to read and spell. We are required to administer a phonics screening check to children in the June of  Year 1. This test is a series of words – proper and nonsense words which children are asked to read using their phonics knowledge. If a child in Year 1 does not get the required number of words right to pass the test, they are able to resit it in Year 2.


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