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Lockdown January 2021 - Online Learning Information

Dear Parent/Guardian

Lockdown starting 6th January, 2021

We will be starting remote learning on Thursday 7th January, 2021. Three pieces of work will be posted online using seesaw each day. Paper copies will also be available from the respective school offices.
If you do not have a seesaw account can you contact the school office and they will pass you the relevant information.

You will also receive at least weekly calls from a member of staff starting Monday 11th January to check how things are progressing.

SEN children's parents will also be rang by the SENCO weekly.

You can expect an English lesson and Maths lesson each day. The third lesson will cover a variety of subjects including Art, RE, History, Science and Geography.

If you need to discuss this further please contact either school office to arrange an appointment to speak with me.

Yours sincerely

Richard Lane
Head teacher

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Richard Lane

Richard Lane

CEO of Mercia Primary Academy Trust